Referral program for AMMO token


You can make money by promoting AMMO token sale (learn more):

  • 10% commision in USD from total order size.
  • 5% bonus in AMMO from total order size.
  • 5% bonus for user in AMMO from total order size.

The last point provides a benefit for the user who buys via your referral link.


If the user buys 100'000 AMMO at $0.01 per token ($1000 total):

  • You get $100 (10% commission from $1000 order size).
  • You get 5'000 AMMO (5% bonus tokens in addition to 10% commission).
  • User gets 5'000 AMMO extra (5% bonus tokens for buying via your reflink).


Feel free to contact Denis Gorbachev if you have any questions.




Change is constant.

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Denis Gorbachev

Denis Gorbachev

Change is constant.

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