Master Plan

To Do

  1. Move to Malta.
  2. Build battle drones.
  3. Setup a guarded base.

Water the flowers, cook the dinner.


Suppose you’re the owner of a cryptocurrency exchange. You hold deposits in your wallets. How do you prevent the physical theft of funds?

Kidnapping, robbery… that sort of thing.

You can’t trust human bodyguards, because they can steal your crypto without leaving traces.

You can trust mechanical drones, however… but only if you program them yourself.


With Bitcoin, you are responsible for securing your own funds. Also, you are responsible for preventing other people (and government) from knowing how much money you have.

This problem is faced by all smart individuals who built their wealth during crypto rush of 2017. The only way they can solve it is by using drones in a country where this is permitted.

But have you noticed that during the recent Bitcoin boom, the wealth was only redistributed, not created?


The war begins when it’s cheaper to redistribute wealth that to create it.

Lack of technological progress promotes redistribution without creation. Most of the time, redistribution of wealth happens through stock markets. But sometimes, we need a good old war.

You can’t prevent it from happening. The cycle is timeless:

  • Population grows
  • Progress stagnates
  • War reduces population
  • War brings progress

If you can’t stop the cycle, what do you do?

You take part.


Do you feel that we’ve made huge technological progress in the latest decades? Do you feel that we’ve gained deepest insights into laws of nature, launched rockets into space and connected every human to a single communication network? Do you feel that we, human race, are omnipotent?


That’s how it feels at the top.

That’s when you sell.

… or lack of it

Technological progress never stops, but it varies by intensity. In the end of technological cycle, each invention is less innovative than previous one.

Can you recall any invention greater than Internet? That was in 1982 (TCP/IP standard)

Can you recall any invention greater than browser? That was in 1990 (WorldWideWeb)

Can you recall any invention greater than smartphone? That was in 2007 (iPhone)

Can you recall… anything else?


Suppose you want to start the war. What would you buy?

— I’d like some crude oil, please.
— Yes, sir, that’s $77 per barrel, up 200% since Jan 2016. Would you like fries with that?

Our little pump

The markets always reflect the information before it becomes public.


Let’s put the markets aside and talk about hysteresis. It’s a physical phenomenon that occurs when the behavior of a large system changes slowly, lagging behind the effect that caused it.

In psychology, there’s a similar phenomenon called denial.

Soviet citizens saw German airplanes and continued to wash the dishes.

People see that oil prices are rising and continue to read posts on Medium.


Our mind slowly adapts to new circumstances; but adaptation is survival.

Feel free to assess the circumstances.

And just in case you arrive at similar conclusions as I did, here’s a suggested plan of action:

  1. Move to Malta.
  2. Build battle drones.
  3. Setup a guarded base.

Yes, I’m dead serious.




Change is constant.

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Denis Gorbachev

Denis Gorbachev

Change is constant.

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