Convert attention into money

Denis Gorbachev
3 min readSep 16, 2020


You get rich by converting attention into money.

Successful people have mastered this art.

You can master it, too.

Attention is captured with pattern break: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Attention is retained with pattern break that completes another pattern:
A B B A || A B B A C C A || A B B A C C A D A C C A B B A

Attention is monetized with pattern break that implies continuation upon payment: first dose is free, next dose is paid.

I’ve noticed your attention was fading, so I broke the text flow with three dots & changed the writing style.

You’re alert? Let’s continue.

First, you attract attention by publishing breaking news to matching channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

Second, you develop interest by linking your value proposition to customer goals: health, wealth, status.

Third, you encourage decision by resolving customer fears: display social proof, implement return policy, provide instant shipping.

Fourth, you simplify action by removing the steps towards payment: skip shopping cart, reuse credit card, accept Bitcoin.

At each step, you retain attention by matching expectations in unexpected ways.

Photo by Ronaldo Arthur Vidal on Unsplash

I’ve noticed your attention was fading, so I’ve designed a new blend of coffee that we can sell to other people as an exercise. Value proposition? It doesn’t have caffeine.

To sell a product, we need to name it first. Let’s use “CoFi”.

  • CoFi pattern-matches coffee by pronunciation.
  • CoFi pattern-matches WiFi by spelling, which is associated with cafes.
  • CoFi pattern-breaks other brand names which only have a single capital letter.

To sell a product, we need to express the value proposition. Let’s go with this:

CoFi is a coffee that doesn’t disrupt your sleep. You can enjoy a cup of CoFi every evening & wake up full of energy.

  • It pattern-matches the “cup of coffee” phrase pronunciation.
  • It pattern-matches customer expectation of waking up energized.
  • It pattern-breaks the established narrative that coffee worsens sleep.

To be continued…

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  • How exactly do you create pattern breaks?
  • How exactly do you create pattern breaks that complete another pattern?
  • What kinds of pattern breaks are there?

The basic pattern is counter-mirror: ABBA, Day-Night, Love-Hate.


Breakthrough: чтобы сделать песню, которая понравится большому количеству людей, нужно “сплести косичку” из паттернов: сделать так, чтобы одну и ту же музыкальную фразу можно было воспринять и сложно, и просто.



Тот, до кого “медленно доходит” (кто снимает показатели с мира с низкой частотой дискретизации) услышил AAA.

Тот, кто “быстро схватывает”, услышит ACBACBACB

In this helpful section, we’ll learn how to craft a news headline according to best practices.

[Social networks combine multiple individual feeds into a single unified feed: tweets, posts, pins.]

Every news piece needs a headline. In this section, we’ll learn how to craft one according to rules mentioned in

Attention is triggered by fear, but fear triggers avoidance. To avoid that, we need to pacify the subject by showing that pattern break is actually a part of another pattern until he runs away. That space is our attention span.

To avoid that, the pattern break must fit within the space that is still processed by the subject after

Best example of simple pattern break: Queen, We Will Rock You.

Brain has multiple areas that have to be stimulated for attention to be maintained. The music composers use beats for amygdala (“lizard brain”) & lyrics for prefrontal cortex (“human brain”).