AMMO Token Litepaper


Among Us” is a highly popular game on Steam. See the stats below:

The game popularity relies on the network of YouTube & Twitch personalities who are streaming the matches to wide audiences. Their viewers are ordinary people, just like you and me, and some of the viewers really like betting. They are betting on football, baseball & hockey — but they can’t bet on Among Us. We are solving this problem.

We allow people to bet on the outcomes of “Among Us” matches with a Chrome extension that provides in-stream betting functionality.

The Chrome extension is just a starting point — we shall also build a web app, native mobile apps & extensions for other browsers.

In order to finance the development, we are selling AMMO token via “Recurrent Token Sale” — locking 100% of token supply, then releasing 0.7% every week.

If you are a streamer, you can get AMMO token for free by placing a referral link in your video description. See “Referral program for AMMO token” to learn more.

Use case

We shall use 30% of the profits to buy AMMO off market & burn it, reducing the supply permanently.

After multiple burns, the AMMO token supply will be reduced to a near-zero amount. Lower supply means higher price. However, we will always use only 30% of our profits to buy the tokens off the market (even if we have to buy fractional amounts of AMMO).

We shall also use a hard price cap of $10'000 per AMMO token (the maximum price at which we shall buy it).


  • Symbol: AMMO.
  • Total supply: 500'000'000.
  • Circulating supply: zero initially, 0.7% released per week (of total supply).

The newly released circulating supply is split the following way:

  • 0.3% split between streamers who promote AMMO token.
  • 0.3% sold at market to finance the development.
  • 0.1% reserved for other marketing expenses.


We do have plans for adding AMMO to centralized exchanges — it depends on how much they ask for listing.


Feel free to contact Denis Gorbachev if you have any questions.

See “Referral program for AMMO token” to learn how you can make money by promoting AMMO token.





Change is constant.

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